Wednesday, February 18, 2009

massage thearapy


My name is Amy Carlson,I was born in A little town in south otago called balclutha but would consider my self to be a hardout Dunedin suporter az I have been living here for the last 9 to 10 years.I like sports and play netball when i can,and my most recent hobbie at the moment has been getting alot of tatoos(i love them).Im studying massage at the moment because i really enjoy helping people and after i graduate i want to look into sport massage

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  1. Hi Amy - assessment task 2 complete - beautiful image! I have been running throguh the idea about these images with David and looking at the way they provide a sort of visual cue for your profile - both in a marketing sense -if you choose but more for me as a virtual tutor - as a way of understanding you.. so the sunset reminds me of that shyness you talked about - a sort of chance for revealing occasional moments! Keeping this in mind, using the blog learning process may be a way for you to reveal more about your massage approach - as you learn it?
    As with the other students - can you load your first and family names onto your url/ blog title..